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Present in 8 countries, to serve countries with global hiring demands

Providing placement of general to highly skilled employees

Advising client on their needs from the aspects of






Our mission is to find the right people to grow your business, anywhere in the world.  

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Job Recruitment



We are headhunters that will search for the right executive talent that will grow our clients’ businesses.

Executive Search

We are able to help you to source for permanent and short term talent to suit the specific needs of your business.

Contract & Temporary Staffing

We understand that business will have short term projects or need for supply of short term workforce. Now you can hire and meet your exact capacity at any given time or period, in pursuit for flexibility and scalability.

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One-stop HR Solutions

HR Admin & Payroll Parking

We all know that payroll processing is a tediously painful process for HRs everywhere. Let us take care of your payroll administration so that you can focus on growing your business. We provide one stop HR solutions specifically to meet basic or complex payroll and HR administration for businesses. With more than 100 experienced consultants globally, our team can assist with local payroll processing as well as regional payroll management.

HR Admin

We will help to streamline and automated your payroll processes from a manual way. Featuring modern, high-performing functionality, Ignite removes the need for multiple platforms and helps make payroll management faster and simpler as a result.

Manage the labor contract
Management of on-boarding/resign process
Payroll and tax management
Social security and CPF payment
Handle occupational injuries and other work incidents

Payroll Parking

We deliver payroll outsourcing services in 8 countries and regions, including: Singapore, Malaysia,Hong Kong, China, Thailand, India, USA, UAE and etc.

Reduce HR team’s pressure in the management
Resolve limit on staffing issues
Meet the employment needs of the companies
Improve HR communication efficiency
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We Always Take Care Of Our Clients Seriously

We provide one stop HR solutions specifically to meet basic or complex payroll and HR administration for businesses in various countries.
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Mars Consulting

Mars Consulting provides a comprehensive suite of human resource solutions to support your business growth globally. Our services include executive search, contract & temporary staffing, HR admin and payroll parking.