Head Hunting Services

Services Process

① Preparation Phase

1. Approach

First of all, professional headhunter consultants will conduct initial communication with clients, To understand the initial recruitment requirements of the clients, and provide the clients with the basic conditions, charging standards, service processes and service advantages of headhunter services, and record the employment needs of clients.

2. Communication

Headhunter consultants will communicate fully with clients and gain insight into the details of client companies, such as industry characteristics, corporate culture, company background, operating conditions, organizational structure and development strategies etc. To fully understand the remuneration packages and job responsibilities required by clients , quality skills requirements and career development prospects, and the development of enterprises and commissioned a detailed description of hunters.

3. Job Evaluation Analysis

After full communication with customers, both parties will have a deep understanding, headhunting will find out the clients' requirements for pre-job search talent model, human resources survey, job evaluation of ease in order to determine the difficulty and time of the search, As well as the feasibility of the entire headhunting project.

4. Contract Signing

After the above work is completed, headhunter will discuss with clients on specific issues and conditions such as project-related fees and charges. After reaching a consensus, both parties will sign the contract.

② Search Phase

After reaching on an agreement with the client, headhunters start to enter the formal search phase.

1. Confirm the Search Range

First of all, determine the search scope according to the customer's position. Search through the database, network, expertise and so on.

2. Preliminary Screening

After determining the objectives of the search, a preliminary background check of the target candidates will be carried out by various means to determine the approximate reliability of their qualifications and conduct contacts and exchanges with them to understand the status of the candidates and their intention to quit, and to select, filter and proceed to the next talks.

3. Interview and Test

Headhunters will interview the selected candidates, contact closely with the candidates and gain further insight about them. At the same time, candidates will also gradually understand the situation of headhunters and clients. Headhunter will therefore gain the confidence of the .candidates so as to carry out the next step. And always communicate with our cliens regarding the current situations.

4.Preliminary Background Check

After repeated contacts with the candidate, determine the candidates may be recommended to the clients. The headhunter will conduct a preliminary background check of the initial eligible candidates to find out the general validity of the candidate and to recommend to the client candidates who passed the initial background check.

③ Recommendation Phase

1. Preliminary Interview

When the headhunter identifies the suitable candidates, the candidate's information and evaluation report will be provided to the client, and then seek for the client's opinion. After that, the candidate's meeting with the client is arranged. Headhunter will proceed to the next step according to client's requirements.

2. In-Depth Background Investigation

For candidates who pass the client's initial interview, the headhunter will conduct an in-depth background investigation of the candidate. The background report objectively and truthfully reflects the professional history details of the candidate. It is served as a reference for the client to interview and examine the candidate in the next step.

3. In-Depth Interview

For top positions, clients, candidates and headhunters are all extremely cautious. Clients and candidates must have at least two or more interviews and at least once quizzes; candidates will also have a deeper understanding of the client's company, such as visits the client's companies and so on. During this time, headhunter consultants will keep our communication with both parties at any time and will continue to coordinate the positions of both parties so that we can make every effort to reach a consensus.

4. Admission Consultation

When both parties have basically reached a consensus, substantive steps of negotiation are started, it is mainly to confirm the basic rights and obligations of both parties, such as the remuneration packages of the candidates, including basic salaries, bonuses, subsidies, holidays, insurance, Housing, transportation and stocks, options, etc., and the business objectives and other requirements required by the candidate. Headhunter will coordinate between both parties. If the candidates and clients reach a consensus, both sides will sign a contract, the hunter's job is therefore completed. Of course, headhunter will also provide customers with a three-month talent warranty.

5. Follow-Up Service

Candidates track the candidates for a period of time after their appointment, understand the candidate's job in the new post, in order to keep abreast of the candidate's situation, eliminate both misunderstandings in a timely manner, and evaluate their own work.

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